Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome Back!

I would like to take this time to write our returning students, faculty, and staff and wish them a wonderful semester. Classes have begun and yet it is still hot! I am looking forward to this semester as we start the new BSN cohort for the DNP program as well as all of our other programs. We continue to have record interest in the PhD and RN to BSN programs. This is all testament to the wonderful faculty that we have here at ETSU.

I will try to write more often this semester even as my travel schedule begins next week. I will try to keep you up to date on the state and national news that affect our programs.

Let me hear from all of you too.

Dr. Wendy Nehring

Friday, March 26, 2010

Moving Forward

Happy Friday!

Although it is rainy outside, it has been an exciting Friday morning. My day started with the Staff Meeting where eight of our staff told the story of the "Bodacious Babes from Black Buzzard Bend!" It was so much fun. Little did I know that we had such actresses among our group. From there, I went up to the Simulation Lab where Teressa Wexler, Coordinator of this lab, hosted a group of people visiting from Brazil. They were all very excited by the different types of simulators that our students use. Then I walked back to the garden level for Sandra Calhoun's dissertation defense. Sandra is one of our faculty. It was a wonderful morning and highlights the many activities that go on here in the College of Nursing.

Next week, we will be equally busy but also equally excited. The week starts with the faculty strategic planning day. This will be followed on Tuesday with the visit from the state consultants to look at our DNP proposal. We are hopeful that this will be very successful.

I hope that you will find this blog on your searching on the net for nursing activities at ETSU. And when you do, that you will let us know what you are doing. Soon we will be revealing our new logo and slogan. We continue to look forward to new beginnings!

Dr. Nehring

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update on the College of Nursing

Happy February or Happy Snow Day!

Life has been very busy here at the College of Nursing since the spring semester began. Today has been a snowy day and has allowed me to catch up. The biggest thing that has happened in the College of Nursing is the tremendous effort by the graduate faculty and the faculty of the Curriculum Committee who have put in countless hours to put together our DNP Curriculum. Dr. Kathleen Rayman, Director of the Graduate Programs and Dr. Sally Blowers, Chair of the Curriculum Committee have seen their offices more than their homes in the past several weeks as they shepherded this effort. I am very proud of the resulting curriculum and the effort and dedication put forth by our faculty. We hope to begin the post-master's phase of this program next spring semester 2011 and the post-BSN phase in spring 2012.

Our clinics continue to see a number of new patients. We were very fortunate that the Governor agreed to keep the funding programs that support many of these clinics for at least two more years. We did not receive funding for the grant we sent in to build a new Johnson City Downtown Clinic, but we have good architectural drawings of what we want to have and will design a fundraising campaign to try to accomplish this.

We are grateful to all of our community health care agencies who always work with us to provide quality clinical experiences for all of our students. In the coming years, we hope to initiate some new endeavors to enhance our partnerships.

As always, please keep us informed of what you are doing and visit our Facebook page.

Dr. Nehring